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A gglomerate flux for Submerged ARC Welding

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A gglomerate flux for Submerged ARC Welding
A gglomerate flux for Submerged ARC Welding


It's a busy and good season, right up until New Year, all the welding consumables cost has been adjusted, We can supply :

Flux cored wire for mild steel and low alloy steel:

AWS A5.20 E71T-1; E71T-11; E81T-1;

Flux cored wire type E71T-1; -diameter of 1.2mm; 1.6mm;

Flux cored wire type E71T-GS; -diameter of 0.8mm; 0.9mm; 1.0mm;

Flux cored wire type YJ602Q; -for welding high tensile steel;

Flux cored wire type YJ707Q; -for welding heavy steel fabrication

Stainless steel Flux cored wire E316LT1-1; -for stainless steel;

Stainless steel Flux cored wire YJ309LT1-1;-for stainless steel;


Tungsten Carbide base welding Electrode for rebuilding:

Cast Tungsten carbide tubular electrode:

Designed for Oxyfuel Welding (OFW): Hardness up to HRC70;

Cast Tungsten Carbide welding electrode;

Designed for SMAW, Hardness up to HRC62;

Shock resistant Tungsten Carbide electrode:

Designed for rebuilding and Surface Repairing; hardness up to HRC55;


Flux cored wires for hard facing wear resistant overlay welding cladding:

Flux cored wire type 8253: -Use for hard-facing on the blower wheel and blade.

Flux cored wire type D4142; -for hard-facing on Spiral reamer and blade fan;

Flux cored wire CT100; -for repairing the hammer and crusher equipment,

Flux cored wire DG7; -for repairing the shield-machine,Drilling bits,teeth.

Above Welding cladding overlay hardness: HRC 52 ~ HRC 63;

Submerged ARC Welding Flux and Welding Wire:

AWS. A5.17. or A5.23. F7A0-EM12K; F6A2-EL8; F7A2-EM12K;

Agglomerated flux HF101G for welding the spiral steel pipe;

----- EN 760. SA FB 1 65AC; AWS A5.17 F7A4-EH14;

Agglomerated flux SJ301 for LPG cylinder steel body and pipe;

----- AWS. A5.17. F7A0-EM12K

Agglomerated flux SJ501; AWS F7AZ-EL8; F7A0-EM12K/EH14;

----- EN760 SA AB 1 76 AC. DIN 32522 B AB 1 76 10;

Agglomerated flux type LHSJ601 for welding stainless steel;

High Manganese oxide fused flux type LHHJ431;

----- AWS.A5.17 F6Az-EL12; JIS YSF42-W11;

Sub ARC welding wire: AWS. EL8; EM12K; EH14; EA1; EA2;


For detail request, welcome your detail inquiry to offer you the best and updated quotation.


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